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      Begin with the world heritage Danxia Mountains on foot or by cruise. Discover Old Buddha Cave Heaven which is a limestone cave filled with different formation of pillars. Stop at Nanling National Forest Park which is also the “Guangdong First Peak”. Visit Nanhua Buddhist Temple which is the most renowned temple in Guangdong Province. To seek roots or trace Chinese surname culture, visit Zhuji Ancient Lane and Mei Guan Pass.
      1. Danxia Mountains
      Danxia Mountains

      Danxia is located at Renhau South of Shaoguan. It is well-known with its red cliffs and it is regarded as the leader of the Four Famous Mountains of Guangdong. With its unique geographical features, it is recognised as one of the World Geopark of UNESCO.

      2. 古佛洞天
      Buddha Cave

      Buddha Cave is located in the city of Shaoguan Lechang City and it is a magnificent karst cave with over a thousand year history. The stalagmites and stalactites in the cave shapes like Buddha which gave credit to the name ‘Buddha Cave’.

      3. Nanling National Forest Park
      Nanling National Forest Park

      Nanling Mountains, also known as the Five Ridges, are the largest mountain range in southern China across five major mountains. It is the watershed of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River. Nanling National Forest Park situated at the heart of the Five Ridges equipped with a wide range of leisure activities including farm cuisine and hot spring.

      4. Nanhua Temple
      Nanhua Temple

      Located alongside the Caoxi River of Qujiang District of Shaoguan, Nanhau Temple is regarded as one of the units in the Chinese Cultural Relics series. The temple exhibits a collection of cultural relics which demonstrates traditional Chinese architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and literature.

      5. Mei Pass
      Mei Pass

      Mei Pass, known as Qin Pass in the past, is the oldest and the best preserved ancient road in China. The 8 kilometer road is beautifully decorated with plum blossom during winter (December to February)

      6. Zhuji Ancient Lane
      Zhuji Ancient Lane

      Zhuji Ancient Lane is the only existing path remaining from the Song Dynasty in Guangdong. The stone path is 1,500 metres long and it preserved the original trail and building alongside, with the South Gate at the south-end of the lane as a signature landmark.


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